Three years ago I was diagnosed with three benign brain tumors; nine weeks of radiotherapy left me in a fragile, exhausted state, both physically and emotionally. As a result, my life changed completely. Sometime passed before I began seeking alternative treatments. As part of my search, it was recommended I attend several one-hour sessions with Medha, a psychic healer, to discover new ways to view my life which would involve different techniques and changes, both subtle and dramatic, in my behavior and thought patterns. I have been working with Medha for the past year. I have followed her suggestions after each session and sometimes it has amazed me how she can ‘know’ some things about my life that I have never spoken to anyone about before. She gets right to the heart of what is happening in your life in each session. She is then able to define the problem which is affecting your emotional health and give you proven, constructive techniques to overcome the problem/s. Medha has shown me how I can live my life more effectively by staying in tune with myself, and others, on a level I would otherwise not have known. The benefits to my health have been remarkable. After my last MRI, I was told all three of my tumors were shrinking and my energy continues to become stronger. I highly recommend Medha to anyone who wishes to gain insight into their particular health issues.

—Louise K.

As a long time meditator and a health care provider I can wholeheartedly recommend people use Medha’s service to help them achieve optimal health, and deeper states of relaxation and Self-knowledge.

—Dr Roy Hughson

I have had healing treatments in lots of modalities and with different practitioners and can easily speak highly of Medha and her treatments. I have been lucky enough to have been a client of Medha’s and especially at a critical and wonderful time of my life, being pregnant.  I have found her methods and energy to be so effective towards my health, emotions and healing – especially for my little one who also benefited! It’s amazing how much information Medha picks up and how in tune she is with your energy and knows how to assist you in your healing and growth. I highly recommend Medha’s treatments and have done so to many of my friends!

—Janice, Child Protection

A healing session with Medha is always a peaceful, relaxing experience. She offers words of wisdom – profound insights into my inner being – which are helpful and inspiring and leave me feeling uplifted for days afterwards.

—Belinda, writer

I’ve found that Medha has had a profound impact on my life.  I’ve been going through a tremendous time of transition, and Medha has really facilitated a smooth emotional state for me.  I come in to her space frazzled and upset with the world, and leave calm and ready to look at things a new way.  I find her insights particularly helpful to remember during the week, to keep me in that calm, centered position.

—Anine, Student Exchange Co-ordinator

Thanks Medha for all of your good work in spreading light along all our paths.

—Josie, retired

I’ve been a regular client for 5 years now ! I feel energized and relaxed at the same time after a treatment . I love the insight and guidance Medha gives throughout the treatment! I highly recommend her.


Medha’s mix of down-to-earth honesty, warmth and intuitive healing abilities creates a safe environment where profound change can take place. Weekly sessions have provided a deep and abiding transformation for me and a cumulative feeling of contentment in all areas of life. Be prepared for laughter, depth and insight. There is an organic fluency to her sessions and all you have to do is bring yourself to the table. Medha has that indefinable quality of a great energy healer, but while it is hard to define, it is easy to measure: by increasing happiness and transformation in her clients. Regular sessions have allowed me to tap into a deeper authenticity in my life.

—Jackie Bos, editor/teacher

The best gift you can give yourself. Medha is an amazing caring, spiritual being. Her empathy & insights are perfect.


My life was so busy when I met Medha – there was never enough time as I battled huge work demands with trying to run a household and balance a family.  I had to do it all; I could never stop and at night, whilst my household slept I would be wandering the house writing lists of tasks I needed to do; I couldn’t sleep – my mind was always racing.  I didn’t have time to set still; in fact I couldn’t sit still – there was no way I could focus on reading a book or take time to reflect.  At the end of a working week that regularly exceeded 60+ hours, I would spend my weekend running from one task to another – shopping, cleaning, kids sports, and so forth.  With Medha’s help I’ve found another way.  I still exceed at work but without the stress.  I sleep soundly – I don’t need the lists but I also don’t drop the balls.  I take time off work when I’m ill – it all still ticks over.  I have time on weekends, yet I still manage to run the household, do the shopping, watch my kids at sport.  I do 4 – 5 yoga classes a week, meditate every day and receive exactly what I need.  My life is bliss; it is peaceful, calm and fulfilled – thank you Medha.