MY OPEN DIARY: Insights, Musing and other Shenanigans

Medha_grassThe more I treat people, the more I see reoccurring themes. Yes, every person and therefore every treatment and course of action is slightly different and particular to that individual. But there seem to be universal truths that apply – at least to some degree – to everyone. I’m often surprised and wowed by the intuitive insights that come and I usually try to apply them to my own life and experience. I feel ridiculously lucky to have access to this stuff, and it’s not an exaggeration to say that it’s changed my life. I’m grateful for being able to access the stuff that comes, but I’m also grateful to my clients for being willing to jump on the table and explore it with me. They are brave and generous and inspiring and I want to be as brave and generous and inspiring as they are.

This will be My Open ‘Diary’ because it’s a way for me to keep track of the insights I get from treating people, but it’s also a way to record the random things that I contemplate, or that happen as I stride purposefully or stumble gracefully on my journey towards a more conscious life (depending on the day). It’s ‘Open’ because I want to share it with anyone that’s interested. Hopefully you. If you do decide to come on the journey, I’m not sure what it will look like, but I promise you one thing: I will not preach to you about how life is, or what you should think or do. I’ll share my thoughts, obviously, but if I ever cross the line into moralising or sermonising, feel free to call me on it, coz I hate that. Also, if you agree/disagree/somewhere-in-between with anything I say, I invite you to comment. This isn’t just my soapbox and a good discussion is food for the soul.

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    October 2, 2015

    Fantastic – so glad you are doing this! I look forward to joining you on this journey x

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    October 2, 2015

    Great stuff Medha! Look forward to reading your updates 🙂

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    October 3, 2015

    Great stuff Mehda! Can’t wait to see your insights. x

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    October 7, 2015

    Really great Medha! It was great to meet you today!

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    Julie culleton
    January 26, 2016

    This is fantastic Medha. Truly beautiful words from an incredibly inspiring soul. Thank you for sharing with us.

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