How did you get into intuitive energy healing?

Twenty years ago I never would have expected intuitive energy healing to be my career. I had plans to be a successful corporate genius, but just before I finished my five-year Commerce/Arts degree, I realised that that life wasn’t for me. But I didn’t know what was. The uncertainty of not knowing where my life was going was really difficult for me to handle. I eventually began a family business and worked myself to such ridiculous lengths that after a while my body forcibly stopped me with chronic illness. Feeling lost and dispirited, I followed the advice of my neurologist who told me to try yoga. I was too sick to do normal yoga classes, so I started doing private ones. I loved how it calmed me and got me back into my body and eventually decided to train as a yoga teacher. When I finished my yoga training I travelled to India to immerse myself in yoga. While in Rishikesh I was studying with a yoga teacher called Yogi Sandeep when I found out that he was also a healer. I immediately felt inspired to learn from him and that’s how it began.


Initially I just treated family and friends. And then I started receiving what I called ‘insights’ into their situations. For a while I thought I was cleverly using the information they provided to arrive at logical and helpful conclusions, but then I realised that there was no way for me to know some of the things I was saying. They were surprised too. Curious, I decided to try treating strangers and the same amazing thing would happen. I would receive insights into their lives or energy system or situations and advice or ‘homework’ for them to follow. By their own reports it was correct and helpful. It took me a long time to accept that this was happening and that it was accurate and that I could trust it. After treating for over a decade there are not many things that I now trust more than the intuitive insights I get when doing treatments.

How is what you do different from what other healers do?

I admire healers because, like therapists and psychologists, and other people in the caring professions, it takes a great deal of clarity, balance and personal stability to be able to engage with people energetically in whatever state they walk into the room with. Every healer I’ve ever encountered has had a genuine desire to help their clients, and they usually do. But in my experience, some empower their clients more than others.

I strongly believe that everyone that lies on the table needs to be personally involved in their own growth, development and healing. I’m lucky, because the insights that I get always involve the direct participation of the client to at least some degree. I have never done a treatment that has not recommended some kind of homework or active role for the client. This means that my clients are not just dependent on me to treat them and make them feel better, although that usually does happen. But in my experience, if the underlying mental, emotional and energetic patterns that created a situation or an injury or an illness are not corrected at a deep level, the condition will eventually return or continue, sometimes in a different form.

The fantastic thing about this is that the homework and insights come to me in a very gentle way, which is how they are delivered. So the treatment program is effectively directed by the client; they can choose to do the homework or they can choose not to. And that decision is entirely up to them. But I love that the option is there for them.

Some people come for a while and just enjoy the relaxation and restorative experience of a treatment without feeling ready to dive into the more profound aspects. Sometimes after a while of this they will start to feel ready to go deeper, and sometimes they won’t. Either case is fine, because the choice is theirs.

medha02What’s the best thing about your job?

That’s a hard question to answer because I am lucky enough to love a lot of aspects of my job. But my favourite aspect is probably the massive thrill I get when my clients walk out feeling much better than when they walked in. And if they have had a big breakthrough or an important insight I’m left feeling fulfilled and overjoyed.

I also especially love working with people over a long period of time and seeing the dramatic transformations that can occur. I feel really lucky that I get to play a role in it and nothing feels better to me than that.

Why do you do Intuitive Energy Healing and not Reiki?

My treatments and processes have evolved quite naturally over the years and I’m sure they will continue to do so. And although it does have some similarities to Reiki, it’s not the same. I’ve done several Reiki courses and although I think it’s great and powerful, aspects of it are not a good fit with me. Although they obviously work well for other healers , the symbols and some of the rituals involved feel extraneous to me.

I use the phrase ‘Intuitive Energy Healing’ not as a technical term or an official name, but because that’s what it feels like I do.